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Demerit Point System

Drivers convicted of certain driving-related offences have demerit points recorded on their records. It is a common misconception that drivers "lose" points due to convictions for certain traffic offences. In fact, a driver begins with zero demerit points and accumulates demerit points for convictions.

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Will I have to appear in court?
You will not usually be required to appear in Court, although in some situations your case may be enhanced if you are prepared to attend. In such circumstances we will advise you.

However, most of our clients are never required to set foot in the courtroom and simply have one meeting with Tim Murdock.

The average meeting lasts approximately 20 - 30 minutes, and we take care of everything else.
Fight Your Traffic Ticket
Tim Murdock is an ex-police officer with 30 years of traffic experience including 13 years as a licenced paralegal with UCLS (insured.) Let Tim help you fight your traffic ticket with a personlized solution for your case.Tim has the legal training and court experience to help you avoid those high insurance premiums and help you keep a clean driving record. Let Tim Murdock help you fight and beat your traffic ticket anywhere in Eastern Ontario! TIM MURDOCK DOES NOT OUTSOURCE HIS CLIENTS!
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Provincial Offences
If you have been charged with a Provincial Traffic Offence in Ontario, you need Tim Murdock Paralegal to defend you.

There are many reasons why a ticket can cause you problems for a long time to come.

Some jobs may require you to have a clean driving record.

A traffic ticket may include more than just the fine amount listed on the ticket. Most traffic tickets come with demerit points against your licence. If you accumulate too many demerit points, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) may suspend your driver’s licence.

Brockville Court House

Brockville Traffic Court is located at 32-A Wall Street in the City of Brockville. It is known as the Provincial Offences Court (POA Courthouse).

It is behind the Criminal Court on Courthouse Square. This Court is presided over by a Justice of the Peace.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence, contact Tim Murdock.

Speeding In the fall of 2007, the Government of Ontario passed a law that targeted speeders who go 50 kilometers an hour over the posted speed limit.

Whether it's 150 on the highway, or 100 in a 50 or 110 in a 60, you will be charged for speeding. If you are stopped for this, the police will seize your car or truck or motorcycle and suspend your licence. Even if it's a rental car, it will be seized.

You need Tim Murdock to help you get your vehicle back.

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