To make an online business successful, you have to test and test strategies until it works. For any type of business, there is always a room for improvement. Testing will make you discover what works. For example, a successful company that offers long-term residual income like Arbonne Scam went into series of testing before they found out the best way to retain sales through passive income generator.  

 Online Sales

Most of the customers in a residual income business don’t come back after a month, so you have to look for more customers in order to generate another set of income. The following are the ways on how to increase online sales.   

Test 1: Offer 1 Product on Your Home Page 

If you sell a lot of products on your website, test if this is a good strategy for you. Others tested that when you offer few products in one page of your website but with more copy, the products will translate into higher sales.  

You just have to focus. Instead of pleasing everyone or any prospect client by offering a lot of products with little details in each, try to focus on one product and its set of benefits that answers all possible questions from your visitors. To find out if this works with your target audience, test it.  

Test 2: Reposition Your Opt-in Offer 

If you want a bigger list of subscribers and boost your opt-ins, reposition your opt-in offer. The opt-in is your tool of gathering customer’s details like email address to build your list. You will then keep in touch with your subscribers and sell them your services.  

The opt-in offer will appear in your website and it will have a huge impact on your subscribers. Test the offer in your home page’s prominent position. It is actually found that a visitor’s eyes are drawn to the top left of a page.  

Test 3: Add Impact to Promotions 

Po-ups are small windows that contain special offer when you visit a particular website. It’s a useful marketing strategy for many years, even though some of us really hate it. Other people discovered a technology that blocks pop-ups that’s why hover ads are made. They don’t get blocked and it’s worth testing on your site.  

Test 4: Feature Different Benefits 

The headline also has a huge impact on your sales. The visitors will see it first so you should grab their attention. A headline that’s successful should highlight a problem the audience faces. You should highlight the benefit of the services or the products.  

Test 5: Add Credibility to Copy 

Your sales copy should establish your credibility. In this process, your visitors will trust you and they will feel comfortable and then buy from you. You can do this by including customer testimonials. A testimonial will state how beneficial your product was and how effective it was for them. You can also add a section that outlines experiences and credentials that qualifies you to solve the audience’s problem.